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Cruise Complaint / Resoltion Options

Did you have a bad Cruise? Looking for an outlet for your frustration and anger? Here are some suggestions, first contact your travel/cruise agent. If you didn't buy your passage from a local agent your out of luck and it is the time to skip over your most powerful option you had. But if you did, contact the agent and give them written documentation of your problem. The most important thing you can do is to tell them what steps you took during the cruise to resolve the issue. Was your cabin dirty? Did you wait till you get home to complain about it? Bad Move!

If your Travel Agent can't help try these options. Some of these options might get your issue resolved, others will notify Government Agencies, and others will let fellow travelers in on your problem.

Make sure you give a full and clear description of you problem when you post/send your cruise complaints. Be honest, don't blow your issue up out of proportion. Also state what you think would be a fair resolution of your cruise ship problem. Cruise Lines may begin to be more responsive to consumer complaints if they know that passengers with problems will get the word out. After spending your limited vacation time and your hard earned money on a cruise ship vacation it is a shame if your unhappy.


  • State your past experience, are you an experienced cruiser or was this your first cruise?
  • State your problems in a general sense, then detail one or two specific experiences.
  • Keep it short and clear, don't ramble.
  • Did you compain while onboard? Give details.
  • Tell them you will be informing your Travel Agent of the problems.

  • If your issue relates to HAWAII and the Pride Of Aloha, Pride Of America or Pride Of Hawaii also contact:
    Hawaii Tourism Authority
    Hawaii Office of the Governor
    Hawaii Dept. of Commerce & Consumer Affairs

    Online Consumer Complaint Options: Let others know.

    Tell the Media:
    Cruise Critic News - e-mail:Carolyn Spencer Brown
    Porthole Magazine - e-mail: Bill Panoff
    Cruise Travel Magazine - e-mail: Editor
    Condé Nast Traveler - Ombudsman, 4 Times Square, New York, New York 10036 - Letters Only
    Travel + Leisure Magazine - e-mail: Editor.
    USAToday Travel Troublshooter - e-mail:
    Robert McGarvey, "The Ombudsman" Porthole Magazine - e-mail: - e-mail:

    Tell Other Travelers VIA Message Boards: Forums Readers Reveiws
    Travel Message Board

    Tell Consumer Sites:
    Better Business Bureau / BBBOnLine - Locate your local office and submit your complaint.
    The Squeaky Wheel - Interesting Service with a $5 Submission Fee


    Federal Maritime Commission Informal Inquiries and Complaints

    Federal Trade Commission Complaint Database - The information contained in your complaint may be entered into Consumer Sentinel, a consumer complaint database maintained by the U. S. Federal Trade Commission. This database is shared with and made available to law enforcement agencies World Wide. If you purchased your ticket ONLINE Go Here - OFFLINE Go Here

    Sanitary Conditions: Reports of unsanitary conditions on a cruise ship can be made to: U.S. Public Health Service, Chief, Vessel Sanitation Program, National Center for Environmental Health, 1850 Eller Dr., Suite 101, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 33316. Telephone: 954-356-6650.

    Did you issue include an Airline? Aviation Consumer Protection Home Page

    Contact your States consumer office: Listing of State Consumer Protection Offices

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