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celebrity cruise infinity ship
Infinity, October 8, 2003
Early morning in Honolulu Harbor. The Infinity sits quietly as sunrises over the Hawaiian Island of Oahu.
She is arrived yesterday, is spending the day here, leaving tomorrow. Celebrity has outfitted the cabins of
the Infinity with a high tech interactive TV that provides extensive information on the ship and it's activities.

infinity cruise ship
Infinity - Length: 965 Feet, Beam: 105 Feet, Passengers: 1,950, Elevators: 10, Decks: 11


Evening and the sun heads toward the ocean. A 6pm/daylight departure is very unusual for a cruise ship,
most leave around 8pm. Mountain showers are slowly moving in on the harbor.

aloha tower
The Suns last rays of light strike the Aloha Tower and Aloha Tower Marketplace. The Marketplace is
a great place to visit, lots of shops and some pretty good resaurants, most with great views of the
harbor. I like the food at Don Ho's, but the Bikini Cantina is fun.

The Infinity uses the harbors turning basin.

Coast Guard helicopter watches from above as they finish their turn. As in all US Ports the USCG have
been giving extra attention to cruise ships as they enter and leave.

The Celebrity Cruises distinctive X on the stack makes this beautiful ship very
identifiable as she leaves Honolulu Harbor making for the open waters of the Pacific.


Mercury Cruise Ship, Ketchikan Alaska, June 2002

Celebrity Mercury
Mercury Cruise Ship, Sitka Alaska, June 2002

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